The International Martial Arts Festival is going Virtual for 2020 with In-Person Fighting this October 24-25


OCTOBER 13, 2020

The 1st PPV Pro Point event debuts this weekend on The new Martial Arts App will feature the 8 Man LW Tournament. Pro Point is stacked with champions from around the World with total of 15 fighters that have been selected including  7 "Seeded" fighters and 8 "Wild Card" fighters. The Wild Cards will fight off on Friday, October 16 at 7pm eastern for the Final spot of the 8 Man Tournament. The Wild Card Roster consist of the following champions: John Curatolo, Sergio Brandon, Rashad Eugene, Ronald Zabala, Dillon Brandes, Tobias Lopez, Zach Winder and a "Mystery Fighter". The winner becomes the final seed in the tournament and fight on Saturday, October 17, 2020 at 7pm.

The seeded fighters are Ryan George, Robbie Lavoie, Kristhain Rivas, Entrique Letona, Chad Cannon, Bailey Murphy and Blake Spence.

This event is giving point fighters the respect we deserve. All seeded fighters have contracts like other pro sports. Pro Points Fighters package include: Guaranteed money, flight, hotel and a percentage of the pay per view buys!

Below is some of the cool and unique ideas of the event that will make it look like we are in the future!

1. Pro Point "Halo" 

2. No Shirts or Helmets 

3. On Deck Fighters will wait in the "Fighters Box"

4. Exciting Judging and Scoring Rules ( go to for details)

Spectators get to enjoy two nights of awesome fights! [👉] Register @ by scrolling down and clicking on the Pro Point event under New & Trending. Then select the purchase main event and use your favorite fighters last name as your coupon code and save $5

Bonus Info: Mystery Fighter is over 30 Years old and is not Jack Felton, Justin Ortiz, James Pore and Kevin Walker.

Beautiful Awards for the Event including Grand Championship Belts, Prize Money, Point Fighter Live Power Rings, and Gift Cards from Fighters Inc


OCTOBER 13, 2020

The IMAF is hosted by David Sklar and USA Sport Karate. This prestigious event has been held at Disney's Wide World of Sports for many years. Instead of cancelling the event they decided to move forward by going Virtual and offering In Person Point Fighting on the 24th of October in Orlando, Florida at the Avanti Palms Resort & Conference Center. 

USA Sport Karate has held events at the Avanti this year and its proven to be a great venue for Sport Karate during these unprecedented times. The events have been very safe and ran according to CDC Guidelines so expect the same safety precautions for the IMAF.

IMAF will have have competition available for all Ages, Disciplines, Groups and Experience Levels including: 

IMAF World Breaking Championships

IMAF Traditional Karate Challenge

USA Sport Karate National Championships

World Isshinryu Championships

All disciplines are coordinated and judged by knowledgeable authorities in each of their respected systems of martial arts. This translates into a fair and accurate interpretation of your art.

The 2020 Virtual IMAF Showcase will be broadcast LIVE on Saturday, October 24, 2020
To view live, visit or Facebook Live and it is also Point Fighter Approved 

For more information and to Register go to 

The Evolution of Point Fighting is here!