"Do"  Regional Events

[x] Be Nice and Appreciative to everyone that came to Your Event! Say Thank You!!!!

[x] Have a Customer Service Rep

[x] Nice Venue with AC 

[x] Nice Awards

[x] Ring Assignments

[x] Sufficient judges to run 8+ rings

[x] Sufficient score keepers to run 8+ rings

[x] Matted rings 

[x] Score Cards, proper paperwork etc. 

[x] 1 Arbitrator per 8 Rings 

[x] Hire or set up booths with decent food and drinks

[x] Start on Time!

[x] Have Gear for Sale

[x] Security and Paramedic, insurance policy

[x] Assigned Uniformed Judges 

[x] Rules Overview with Judges before Event

​[x] Live Stream Event​ from Event Page/Hire a      Media Company  or Both 

[x] Highlight Stars in your region by showcasing them on your Flyer 

[x] Offer Star in your Region a Seminar for your Event

[x] Offer Coaches Passes

*****Regional Prize Money ***** 
$250-$300 Overall Grands

"Do" National Events

[x] Everything on Regional "do"  List

[x] 17+  Rings with Sufficient Judges and Score Keepers
[x} Night Show 3 hours or Less

[x] VIP After Party/Dinner

[x] Kids/Juniors After Party 
[x] Nice Night Time Show Set up

[x]Highlight the Stars as much as you can!

Example: Autograph Session, Banners of Past Winners around the Venue, Seminars with Champions/Stars of the Sport, etc

[x] Event Program

[x] Host Event in good Location with "Things to Do"

[x] Have a Concussion Protocol Set in Place for Fighter's

*****National Prize Money*****
[x] $1000 minimum for Overall Grands
[x] Team Fighting $1000

[x] Treat the Seniors Right! 




* Don't Have your daytime events go past 4pm or Night     show run past midnight(Night show should be 3 hours)

* Don't make it hard for Spectators to see the Action

* Don't make up rules on the Spot 

*Don't have the rings crowded with people

*Don't have judges that don't know the rules

*Don't treat your customers like trash! 

*Don't try to do everything yourself, have a team to help

*Don't give away cheap awards

*Don't use "Caution Tape" Anywhere at your event

​*Don't allow Anyone to judge in Street Clothes/ Hat 

"Do" Promote!
[x] Support all regional events with a team of 10+
       ****Very Important, its all about Relationships

      and Support to fellow Regional Promoters
[x] Social Media! Facebook Event Page, Instagram, etc
[x] Nice and Easy to Navigate Website with all divisions listed/online registration
[x] Nice flyer that can be passed out at events and mailed     to competitors from previous years

[x] Go to Karate Schools and Personally Invite the Instructor to your Event, Face to Face. 

Xtra Advice:  

[x]Podium with Event Backdrop
[x] Stage at Regionals                                  
[x] Small Hotel Ballroom for Regionals
[x] Social Media! Snapchat, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc and Hire Media Company

[x]Submit your Event champions to

      Newspaper/ local TV channels 
[x] Have a Pre Flyer for your Next Event!

       Promote all year long! Its Never too Early
[x] Judge and Help out as much as possible, get along with    everyone!
[x] Fun Booths like massage therapist, face painting, makeovers for woman and parents, etc. Make it a mini expo type feeling.

[x]Characters like ninja turtles, ninjas, etc walking around taking pictures.

[x] Find Sponsors for Event

[x]​ Give Proceeds to a Charity

[x] Event Theme

*****Make it an "Experience" and "Care"*****



with my

"Do's" and "Don'ts" Promoter Checklist