Coverage and Exposure of Quality Events

Marketing   /   Promotion   /   Point Fighter Approved   /   Live Stream

National Exposure of Event and Athletes

1. Event posts on Point Fighter Group page once a week.
Group consist of a community of over 11,000 active Point Fighting members from all over the world.

2. A Post Once a Week on our Point Fighter Page
  (over 1.2 Million Followers and Growing)

3. Posts on Instagram Page

4. Point Fighter Live Show
*** Pre Show of Your Event / "Everything You Need to Know" ***
 Mention your event on Every Point Fighter Facebook Live show When 3 Months Away from your event 
 Mention and Interview/Showcase winner(s) and results of your event on Point Fighter Live

5. Advice and Customer Service
 Once you hire Point Fighter you get unlimited advice based  on customer feedback,

think of Point Fighter as a co-promoter 

6. Point Fighter Website Listing

​7. Point Fighter Updates of your event

8. Point Fighter Approved

(for Quality Events Only)

9. Live Stream
Access to up to 4 People on the Facebook Point Fighter Page to Live Stream from your Event

(This will give your competitors and your event National Exposure).

10. Full Coverage Option of Pictures, Videos and Live Stream of your Event